Multi-Gender Attraction at the Intersections

Friday the 18th of Sep - Sunday the 27th of Sep

Bi+ organisations across Australia and New Zealand have come together for this Bi+ Visibility Day event because it is such an important day for our communities. Visibility goes a long way towards raising awareness of Bi+ specific challenges and dispelling stereotypes.

This conference is also an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in our communities since Bi+ Visibility Day began in 1999 and to celebrate the fabulous, diverse and awesomely talented bicons that make up our international community. 

Our Bi+ Conference celebrates community, visibility and expression, across Australia and New Zealand, including virtual and in-person (where safe, legal and possible) workshops, panels, discussions, groups and even a party.

Bi+ is inclusive of all multi-gender-attracted folk, including pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, biromantic, queer and questioning...

Acknowledgment of Country

The organisers recognise the strength and resilience of First Nations peoples, who maintain a continuing connection to these beautiful lands and waters – a right and responsibility that was stolen from them and never ceded. 


We acknowledge the traditional caretakers of each of the nations throughout Australia and New Zealand that we now share, and pay our respects to Elders past and present and emerging.


The conference will be using Otter.Ai auto live transcription.  We have strived to make the conference free for attendees so we unfortunately cannot provide sign interpreters. We hope that any inaccuracies in the transcription service are unintentionally hilarious.



[Made with inspiration from the amazing BiCon Code of Conduct (bicon.org.uk)]

The Stand Bi Us Conference is intended to bring people together in an environment of platonic-interaction (not romantic), support and celebration. Therefore, we have set out some guidelines about how we will all interact with one another during Stand Bi Us events.


By attending our events, or interacting through our event pages and social media, you agree to these terms.

Online Code of Conduct

As most of our events will be online this year, some aspects of the Code of Conduct may seem strange, but as is often the case online, people may think less about how they behave than they would in in-person situations. This may mean some of us may be less likely to think carefully about how our behaviour affects others. This Code of Conduct outlines what everyone, including guests, the organisers, workshop facilitators etc, can expect from others and what is expected from each of us during Stand Bi Us. The organisers are a part of the larger Bi+ community and will try to deal fairly and respectfully with any issue that arises. We may also make reasonable requests that are not specifically included here.

Personal Responsibility 

Everyone attending any part of Stand Bi Us on any of the platforms must be responsible for themselves, their actions, and their own health at all times. You do not have to stay in any session if you don't want to. You are free to leave any session at any time. If you choose to leave for any reason, please do so quietly to avoid disrupting the session for others - there is no need to say that you’re leaving.

No Means No

No one at Stand Bi Us should ever be put under any pressure to join in with things they do not want to do. This includes:

  • any sexual behaviour, including chat or sharing images online

  • taking part in any activity

  • disclosing information

  • discussing topics which are sensitive or personal

  • engaging in chat

Chat functions will be turned off during sessions, aside from messaging the hosts. It is fine to ask someone a question once during discussions, but if they refuse to answer, continuing to ask will be viewed as pressuring them. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so. You can ask the tech host/s or host/s of the session to tell someone to leave you alone. People who do not respect others boundaries may be removed from sessions by the host/s.


In public, which includes our private Zoom rooms, Discord, or any other platforms, "no", "stop", "don't do that" or similar words and phrases will be taken at face value by the Stand Bi Us organisers and volunteers, regardless of context.

Public Behaviour

Stand Bi Us should be a place where people feel free to express their sexuality, but it is not a sex event. With the exception of people who are breastfeeding, everyone needs to adhere to the same indecent exposure laws as if we were at an in-person event. This means remaining fully clothed at all times.


Remember that you are responsible for what can be seen and heard in your background when you are visible on screen. Please turn off your video or mute yourself if something problematic is happening (for example your housemate walking around with no clothes on, or shouting).


Please be aware that there may be mention of sex, swear words or talk about upsetting experiences in Stand Bi Us spaces. If you don’t want someone in the room to hear these things, such as a child or someone you’re not out to, it is your responsibility to do what you need to do to prevent this, for example, by wearing headphones.


Stand Bi Us tries hard to be a safer space and is not a place for disrespecting, shouting at, or swearing at, other people for any reason.


In online sessions at Stand Bi Us we may ask you to turn your video on or off for a few limited reasons, like a facilitator wanting to see the guests at the start of a session, or a tech support person turning video off to save bandwidth, but other than that you can turn your own video on or off at any time. You are free to have your video off at all times if this feels most comfortable for you. You will be told at the beginning of any event if it is going to be recorded and you may choose not to participate or to turn your camera off at your own discretion.



We ask people to keep themselves muted when they aren’t speaking to make it easier for others to hear. This is an access issue, so please make it easy for other attendees by keeping yourself on mute unless you are actively speaking, then return to mute after.

We might also mute people who are saying things that go against the Code of Conduct, but we don’t wish to censor people unnecessarily and will always tell you why we’ve done this. You will be told at the beginning of any event if it is going to be recorded and can choose not to participate, or turn your mic off at your own discretion.


Please respect people's privacy, and be aware that not everyone at Stand Bi Us may be 'out' about their sexuality, or other aspects of their life, such as their gender identity or relationship status or style.


Always ask permission before identifying anyone publicly. 'Public' includes write-ups on personal websites or on social networking sites such as Facebook. This includes comments on Facebook posts etc. Assume it is not OK to talk about anyone you’ve been in sessions with unless they explicitly say that it is OK.


Do not take any screenshots or recordings of Stand Bi Us sessions.

If sessions are being recorded, this will be clearly stated.

Discrimination, Respecting Difference

Stand Bi Us tries hard to be a safe space for all attendees, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, class, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, history, beliefs, age, lifestyle etc.


Don't make any comments or assumptions, or stereotype people on the basis of their skin colour, physical features, ethnicity, accent, religious beliefs, etc. Avoid comments or fetishisation of cultural markers and physical features. If you are white, please do not ask People of Colour about how they’re feeling about the Black Lives Matter movement or anti-racism work - don’t raise the subject of racism unless they ask you to.


People who attend Stand Bi Us may define their gender in a range of different ways which may not always be easily understood by everyone else. If you are unsure of the pronouns someone uses we encourage you to ask them, or avoid gendered language by using they/them, as your default. If you ask someone or are corrected about pronouns, please try to use them correctly. We accept people's self-identified gender for all purposes at Stand Bi Us, including single-gender spaces. People are welcome to attend Stand Bi Us regardless of how they define their sexuality. Please remember that everyone is at a different stage of awareness about various issues. Try not to assume people are being malicious if they make an initial mistake. If you are asked to think about your behaviour after making a mistake, please try not to be defensive. If you make a mistake, try to own the impact, even if it wasn’t your intention. We are a community that needs to learn and grow together.


If you need support dealing with a problem in a session, please message the host/s and they will do their best to support you in dealing with it. We want to know that our guests and community feel respected and considered. If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome – even if you do not want us to do anything about it, or feel it is your fault – please do let us know, we may be able to learn something from it for the future.


Breaches of this Code of Conduct or reasonable requests will, in most cases, be met with a warning from a member of the organising team. The organisers' decision is final.

If warnings are ignored, or in the event of serious misconduct, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave part, or all of Stand Bi Us. We reserve the right to pass on details of complaints to future Stand Bi Us organisers.




Things are tough right now for many of us, increasing isolation and anxiety. If you need to reach out for help, we strongly encourage you to go to one of the sites below.

Bi+ Organisations

Entertainment and Inspiration



All events are listed in the time zone of their host. Please click through to each event to see the correct time for your location.

The Stand Bi Us Conference is complete for 2020.

Thank you, everyone, who took part in making it such a special event.

Many of the sessions were recorded for re-watching or in case you missed them, please check back to our YouTube channel over the next few weeks as we finish editing and upload various events.




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